Introductory Episode

The first episode, oh how I cringe now.

Okay, I have to be honest here.  This episode was a sort of “test” I did quite a while ago.  I even refer to myself by a stage name I thought of using, rather than my real name,  because I was not quite sure yet of the direction I wanted to take with the show.  Mainly, it was to test volume levels, editing, mic popping, etc.

Between my energy level and the popping mic, I was almost hesitant to post it, but hey, why not?

So in all its glory, the Intro episode:

Death in Amber Intro Episode


2 thoughts on “Introductory Episode

  1. Ps. Consider writing a script for your monologue. It’ll help cut down on superfluous content and redundancies. Where was the music? C’mon, I don’t go to art galleries to have what a gallery is explained to me, I go for the art! I like your idea though, keep workin at it.

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