Submission Guidelines

I am currently looking for music to be featured on the podcast.

Guidelines for submitting music to the show (as much info as possible) –

  1. Quality recordings, preferably not live.  If the live version is good enough, it will be considered.
  2. Bands or artists that were never signed to a major record label and are no longer together.
  3. Any band photos, whether live or press photos.
  4. Any information about the band that is relevant, such as:
  • Where the band or artist was from or based.
  • Members names and the instruments they played.
  • Years they were active.
  • Any information regarding the members today, as in current bands, solo projects, etc.

The goal of this show is to feature bands that had great local followings, recorded some good songs, but never reached a wider audience.

You can contact me on Facebook , Twitter , deathinamber at gmail, or leave a message at 5 one 2 – eight 2 seven – seven 0 three 5.

You can also call 206-Four2six – 6489.

The mailing address is:

Death in Amber
P.O. Box 526
Manchaca, TX 78652

Hit me up with some good music today!


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