Episode 9 – Bronze Fawn

Bronze Fawn

Bronze Fawn

Death in Amber – Episode 9

The Twilight of an Epoch

This week’s show is the second appearance for the bass player from this band.  When Kelvin (episode 5) broke up, most of the members migrated to the west coast.  The bass player, my friend Steve, moved to Seattle.  There he met a group of like-minded individuals and formed Bronze Fawn, an effects-heavy journey into psychedelia and musical landscapes.

With influences like MONO (check out this Japanese band) and Mogwai, Bronze Fawn wrote epic-length songs mixing electronic elements, cinematic rock, and shoe-gazing riffs to great effect.

While the selections for this show are only culled from their debut, “Lumber”, they also released a second album, entitled “Life Among Giants.”

Treat yourself to a nice half-hour, and close your eyes and journey into a lush sonic landscape of electronic effects mixed with droning guitars and tight fills.

The band called it quits November 18, 2010.

You can find out more about Bronze Fawn here.

Bronze Fawn

Bronze Fawn


Episode 8 – mE

mE - ABCDep

mE – ABCDep

Death in Amber – Episode 8

Not you, mE.

The band mE was formed around 2002-03 in Houston, Texas.  Shortly after forming, they recorded their only release, ABCDep, in the studio the drummer was building with another audio engineer.   These days I work and jam with the bass player, J. Pitts, on a regular basis and have known him from the music scene since the mid-1990s.

The members were:

J. Blount – drums

J. Pitts – bass

J. Cormier – vox/guitar

R. Williams – guitar

The blend of acoustic and electric, along with the layered vocals and experimental sounds reminds me of some of John Frusciante’s solo efforts.

You can find them in the graveyard that is Myspace, here.


Episode 7 – Cactus Rash

Photo courtesy of Bill Oriani

Photo courtesy of Bill Oriani

Death in Amber – Episode 7

Hardcore Southern Metal

I know of the band Cactus Rash from their guitar/vocalist, Byron, who was the resident sound man at The Gray Horse Saloon in San Marcos. Byron was a cool guy, and always did his best to make my band sound good when we played there.  He also sold me a couple of snare drums one time.

Regardless.  Cactus Rash played Southern Hardcore Metal…  and loud.  I saw their show one night and I can honestly say, they were great and thank Odin for earplugs.

The band consisted of:

Jody – Vox

Rodrick – Bass

Byron – Guitar/Vox

Johnny – Guitar/Harmonica

Shea – Drums

They played their final show/CD release on May 22, 2010.

Here is a link to some of their tunes online, and also a link to their Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Bill Oriani

Photo courtesy of Bill Oriani

Episode 5 – Kelvin


Death in Amber – Episode 5

Angular Indie Rock

Well, I’m a little late with this episode, but I have been on the mend for the last week and am just now feeling mobile again. For this week’s podcast, I’m bringing some early-2000’s indie rock, the band Kelvin.

Hailing from Austin, Kelvin put out three recordings starting with their 3-song, self-titled demo in 1999. The line-up consisted of Yamal Said on drums, Steve Becker on bass, and Vince Hagedorn with the guitar/vocals.

In 2001, they released the 8-song album No One Else is Laughing. Said was replaced by Jason White on all but one of the tracks (the last instrumental track, recorded by Marty Mack, who incidentally can be heard playing drums in the live .::liquidstereoproject video featured in the show notes for episode 2). The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Lars Goransson, whose engineering and mixing credits include the likes of The Cardigans, Ian Moore, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Kacy Crowley, and Alpha Rev among others.

They released their final effort with 2002’s Outsideagain. The album saw the return of Said on drums for most of the record, the addition of a second guitarist in Jessica Campbell, and a slew of guest musicians contributing everything from cello to toy piano. Several tracks were remixed from No One Else is Laughing and included on the album, which again featured Goransson at the helm.

The band broke up in 2003, with most of the members moving from Austin to the West Coast.

You can find their last album on Amazon.

Seeking quality music to feature on the podcast.


I am looking for bands to feature on the show.

If you were in, or have a recording of a band you want to hear on the show, please let me know.  It doesn’t matter how much background information you can find on them or what genre of music.  This podcast is not a critique of people’s music, it is a showcase.  There are several ways to get in touch with me, listed in the contact information, on the submissions page, or simply at:

Scott Long

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deathinamber at gmail

or call

512-eight 2 seven-7 zero three 5 and leave a message.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Episode 4 – Molly Maguires

Molly Maguires

Molly Maguires

Death in Amber  – Episode 4

Dirty Surf

Were it not for my friend, Steve, I might not have an appreciation for surf music.  Back in the late 90s, when he and I were managing record stores in the Austin area, he took me to see Los Straightjackets at the Continental Club here in Austin.  I had a blast at the show.  In time, he introduced me to The Ventures, Dick Dale, Man or Astroman?,  and more.
Thanks to Tom (another old friend), I can bring you the Molly Mcguires, or as their fans affectionately call them, “The Mollys.” They were formed in 2002 by Jake Hooker (guitar), Dallas Hölmes (drums), Jackson White (guitar), and Jacob Johnson (bass) in Beaumont, Texas.
The band mixes their punk influences and a surf sensibility to produce what they call dirty surf. I have never seen them live, but it certainly sounds like a good time.
Jacob Johnson left the band in 2005 to tend to his new family and newborn son and was replaced by Chris Badger.
The band dissolved in 2008 after Chris Badger left to pursue other opportunities (he currently plays bass in Houston-based band Cordial).
Jake Hooker went on to play bass in We Were Wolves, who are still actively playing and touring.
Jackson White was recruited by the reggae band Outlaw Nation as a touring guitarist, and has shared stages with some very prominent acts such as Fishbone and 311, among others. He is now working on a new project, still in progress…
Dallas Hölmes stayed close to his punk rock roots, with a brief stint drumming in local punk act, Wormdirt. After relocating to Houston, he more recently joined
the lineup of the long running band Zeroheros.
Jacob Johnson kept close to home and jammed with friends in the Beaumont based blues-rock group, The Crazy Ivans.

They have played everywhere imaginable, from wedding ceremonies to lesbian bars,  and opening for bands ranging from the Reverend Horton Heat to The Murder Junkies (one of GG Allin’s many backup bands).

The Mollys still pack Beaumont venues when they venture out to revisit old times and have discussed the possibility of writing new material in the future.

Dirty Surf,” their one full length album, was released in 2004 on Smelly Menace Records.  They also have an unofficial live album composed mostly of material not on the LP.

Here is a video from their recent reunion in March, at The Art Studio in Beaumont, TX:

Molly Mcguires

Molly Mcguires

Episode 3 – Goodnight Goddess

Goodnight Goddess

Goodnight Goddess

Death in Amber – Episode 3

Main Interest: Rocking.

That is a direct quote from the band’s webpage.

In this week’s episode, I am featuring the band Goodnight Goddess.  They started in 2004 under the name Slider, and the sound and members changed until they became Goodnight Goddess in early 2008.  With influences like The Deftones, Incubus, Failure, and Nine Inch Nails, Goodnight Goddess was another group with a great live show.  I caught them at the Triple Crown in San Marcos back in 2009 and was impressed with their energy and the light show.

The bands members included:

Michael Alan – Vocals
Todd – Guitar
Jason – Guitar/Vocals
Kevin – Drums, Engineering
Wyatt – Bass

I believe their last show was in 2011.  All of Goodnight Goddess’ music is available online here

Here is a video for a song from their early days, when their name was Slider:

The former members went on to be involved with several groups.  Check out the following links for more information:


Black Books


now known as

Dials and Colors

Goodnight Goddess Live

Goodnight Goddess live